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We are actively contributing to keeping Rancho a great place to work and live.

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Hanna’s is more than just a local fine dining establishment – we are an active member of our community and are committed to keeping Rancho a great place to work and live. It is our mission to support of our local charity organizations, schools, sporting & recreation leagues, non-profit organizations, and more.

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Semper Fi Fund

Every road has a story, and for every vision there is a beam of hope. For America’s heroes, their journey begins with hopes and courage, yet for so many it ends with a need for help. In 2003 a vision was manifested to help these heroes realize that hope does exist and that their acts of valor and bravery will never be overshadowed or forgotten. ​

For the past few years Hanna’s has been a huge proponent of the Semper Fi Fund, acting as sponsor and providing lunches and beverages for the annual Semper Fi Tournament hosted by Cox Communications. Since 2004, the Semper Fi Fund has issued more than 44,000 grants totaling more than $63 million thousands of heroes and their families.

After it was announced in 2010 that the tournament was going to be discontinued, a decision was made to pick up the torch and run with the event – to once again bring our community together to help raise money to give back to those whom have given so much. Together with Brandon Abbey and Fred Morgan of, a decision was made to start a new tradition.

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